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ERP Software for Quarry Mining / Crushers

Quarryminer is a web, mobile and desktop quarry management software. It is a suite of management tools including production, sales, site, accounts, report and stock management. This management platform gives your team full visibility and control over all your crushers/quarry tasks and projects.

Raw Stone:

Our Software drastically reduces your first weight and second weight entry time by 50%-100%. So that you can spend your saved time on our business. Our system allows you to verify the vehicles with CCTV image capture.

Raw Stone List:

Through our software, you can view the raw stone entry list. Every entry is completely automated, operators cannot modify weight manually. Upon the owner’s approval, the wrong entry will be deleted.

Sales Weight:

Token print is taken for the first weight to the crane operator. The operator can easily fetch the customers and their vehicle details during the second weight entry.


Quarryminer is the First Intelligent Quarry Management Software

  • Cloud Support: Desktop application with cloud support
  • Live Truck Weight: Live truck weight capture from the weighbridge.
  • Reduce Traffic: Reduce driver waiting time by 50 to 100 Percent.
  • Live Crusher Data: Live data to the managers through the web/mobile app.
  • CCTV Integration: CCTV camera capture for Production/Sales/Site.
  • Automatic Units Calculation: Automatic material units calculation and price calculation.
  • User Shift Entry: User-shift-based entries and reports.
  • Printed Token: Token is generated for the crane operator.
  • Tax Invoice: Tax invoice is generated with GST (customizable).
  • Sophisticated Reports: Custom reports in Web app, PDF and Excel
  • Stock Management: Bunker / Stock Management.
  • Accounts Management: Cash and credit management
  • Tailer Made: Tailor-made application to meet your needs.
  • Weighbridge Life: Extend your weighbridge lifetime.
  • Offline Mode Support: Application works even at internet downtime.

Technologies guiding Quarryminer to success

Front End


Back End

SQL Server

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