Data Migration & Optimization

Data Migration & Optimization

by ELROI Admin

Data migration and data optimization are imminent for the web-based businesses as it surges to the new heights every day. Eventually, you will have to upgrade or replace outdated technologies or swap in a higher performance server to manage a greater volume of business. Other times, you may determine that it would be economical to consolidate servers or adopt virtualization technology. These are just a few of the many reasons for server migrations.

Prior to the initiation of the project, Elroi backs up the data as a safety measure. Our team of Database Administrators will explore and assess the source that need to be either migrated or optimized.

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We specialize in various types of data migration such as cloud migration, application migration, database migration, system migration, and storage migration. Elroi assess the data quality before migration to ensure a successful implementation without data loss. The success rate of any data migration project is directly dependent on the diversity, volume, and quality of data being transferred. This helps us deliver a perfect solution to our clients.

In the next step, they define and design the migration, and using the appropriate program we build the migration solution for our clients. Once the migration/optimization is initiated, we ensure the data in the process is audited.