Core Insurance Platform


The Dashboard provides the simplified info related to the institutions, memberships, invoice, offer group, potential enrolees with some charts.

Institution Profile View

The Institution profile view provides the detailed information of the Institution. Such as Institution information, financial settings, offer group and offer, analytics, enrolleess, etc.


The Institutions has the list of institutions which is under core insurance platform. Each institution has its own products, offers, offer group, members, etc.


The members can be enrolled under institution with help of dynamic Enrollment, and form based Enrollment. All the Enrollments are listed in the Manage Enrollment by Institutions.

Institution Offer Groups

The Institution offers and offer groups are managed in the Institution offer groups.


The members are managed by institutions in the Manage Members page. Members have two kinds of role, such as "Member" and "Participant".

Participant Portal

The member's or participant's dashboard, and have the member to manage their details with secured login.


The invoice is processed using Invoice Management, and have the list managed from Core Insurance Platform.


The Products, and related benefit, plan, offers, are managed in the Products Management page by the respective institution.