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Our expertise and experience in various industry verticals helps us provide many innovative and end-to-end technology solutions with cutting-edge technology. We help innovating your business process through IT solutions and reduce your total cost of ownership and focus on your core business.

Salesforce Development

As one of the best Salesforce development companies, Elroi helps organizations plan, design and implement comprehensive solutions that leverage their existing Salesforce® platform. We offer various ways to help businesses connect with their customers, vendors, and employees.

We provide expert Salesforce development and support services to businesses across industries such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education transportation & logistics finance & banking, telecom, and other such industries with our 10+ years of CRM expertise in Salesforce Development services and Salesforce support services.

Elroi Software Solution has a dedicated team of Salesforce® Certified Developers and Consultants who provide a wide range of technologies and the industry’s best Salesforce standards to cater to our customers. We assist enterprises in developing long-term relationships with their customers.

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Application Development

Having gigantic knowledge in various mobile operating systems, our techno geeks adapt the concept of dedication and client satisfaction. Our app developers are adept at designing applications from the scratch with ingenious functionalities. Elroi couples smartphone technology with a custom application and produces strong applications that fit your business needs.

Elroi develops native, hybrid, and web mobile apps (e.g., Android Apps, iOS Apps, Attendance and Payroll Management System, Attendance and Salary App, Core Insurance Software, etc.). We have worked with various brands, organizations, start-ups, and Fortune Global 10+ companies to create powerful and secured apps.

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Data Migration & Optimization

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We specialize in various types of data migration such as cloud migration, application migration, database migration, system migration, and storage migration. Elroi assess the data quality before migration to ensure a successful implementation without data loss. The success rate of any data migration project is directly dependent on the diversity, volume, and quality of data being transferred. This helps us deliver a perfect solution to our clients.

Prior to the initiation of the project, Elroi backs up the data as a safety measure. Our team of Database Administrators will explore and assess the source that need to be either migrated or optimized. In the next step, they define and design the migration, and using the appropriate program we build the migration solution for our clients. Once the migration/optimization is initiated, we ensure the data in the process is audited, before making it live to the end users.

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Maintenance and Enhancement

Software and application maintenance and enhancement include the following processes: (i) technology and platform changes, (ii) scaling, (iii) bug fixing, (iv) database maintenance, (v) performance tuning, and (vi) software/application re-engineering. Our enterprise solution model supports all the aforementioned processes effectively.

Elroi can reinvigorate our clients’ software and applications with incredible values, logical exploration, proper reuse, and implementation of existing data, giving it an overall sense of professionalism by removing all its delicacy by adding the talent and experience of our competence with their incremental approach. We blend customized functionalities into your product keeping it in pace with the ever-changing market obligations.

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Consulting service

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Elroi has a team of consultants (e.g., app development consultants, app design consultants, digital marketing consultants, etc.) who are specialized in application strategy, engagement, navigational paths, user experience journey, content strategy, prototyping, user-interface design, and more, to help achieve a vision around a client’s specifications.

Our consultants will assist you during the whole period of your development project. They, being part of your development team, choose the technology that best fits your business, to determine the site architecture, to supervise the quality of development, testing, launching, and scaling processes. They also perform an audit of the current situation of your online presence.

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SEO & Digital Marketing

When your business goes online, it sails across the shores. Thus, it becomes mandatory that your web business needs to be up-to-date to increase the margin of your revenue in comparison to your competitors. Our SEO model assists you in reaching your target markets and achieving your goals.

We offer you various reports on the website health, competitive analysis, link building, and monthly SEO reporting. With our partnership, you can expect more lead, more traffic, more revenue, more brand awareness, more trust and authority, and more business growth.

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